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Destination Drama Free: How Your Luggage Can Simplify Your Travel

Packing For A Trip Can Be A Hassle. We Have Some "Best Case" Scenarios To Make It Easier!


Are you planning a vacation soon? Need to head somewhere in a flash? What will you take, and how long will you be there? Whatever the travel plans, you will apply at least some research (the best routes to take, where to stop to eat and sights to see, for example). This same process though also should apply to the luggage you bring along for the ride! Thankfully The Case Store has Pelican luggage to suit a wide variety of your travel-based needs.

Offered is a range of case sizes and functions, from carry-on style to check in luggage bags. Many times, the cases we touch on in this article do include in-line wheels and retractable handles for ease-of-use and transport. Additionally, while we carry a selection of Pelican™ Air cases with TSA locks built in, this lock guide will help you find the right lock for your other Pelican cases.

Whether you’re a professional photographer traveling overseas with your camera gear, or a researcher going on a deep-sea dive, Pelican cases protect your equipment from planned and unplanned scenarios. With business travel picking up and summer planning getting underway, let’s proceed to break down some of our favorite Pelican cases for travelling!


Let’s dive right into carry-ons. For starters, versions include Pelican™ Air and Pelican™ Protector case models. Pelican™ Air model cases are of the most recent upgrades to the Pelican lineup. TRVL series cases have a tough-as-nails exterior (a Pelican™ norm), with added versatility in the form of including a lid organizer, with individualized compartments for stowing various size items. All the following are backed by the Pelican Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee, and are waterproof, crushproof and dustproof. These cases are less than 45", meeting airline carry-on regulations (in essence optimized for overhead bin storage): 



Pelican™ options include the Air and Protector lines. The Pelican Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee applies to the following as well. These cases are less than 62", meaning they meet airline checked bag regulations:


  • Pelican™ Air 1615 Travel Case- At just under 18 pounds with interior foam inside, the Pelican™ Air 1615 case is the largest case that can still be checked as normal luggage through most commercial airlines. Built-in lid organizers have zippered compartments for stowing a variety of smaller items, and utilize see-through mesh pockets. Packing cubes keep gear tightly bundled and allow for stacking items or grouping side by side. Features press and pull latches with built-in TSA-approved key locks for smoother checkpoint clearance.
  • Pelican™ 1615 Air Case- The lightest polymer case on the planet. Available for purchase with the following interiors: no foam (empty), PNP FoamKaizen Foam™Padded Divider Set, or TrekPak™ divider.
  • Pelican™ 1560LOC Laptop Case- Watertight, crushproof and dustproof. Interior pouches and sleeves for organizing computer accessories and other gear (fits laptops up to 17”).
  • Pelican™ 1560 Case- Featuring built-in wheels and a retractable handle, this Waterproof, Crushproof, Dustproof case makes transporting your gear easy. Available for purchase with the following interiors: no foam (empty), PNP FoamKaizen Foam™Padded Divider Set, or TrekPak™ divider.


When it comes to leaving the sanctity of your residence and heading back out into the rough and tumble “real” world of coffee spills, rough weather/ hikes, and sandy beaches, Pelican™ Backpacks & Duffel bags are also there to offer comfort for your valuables. Offered in a variety of sizes, these backpacks are water resistant, lightweight, and flexible enough to perform in everyday use or your next global adventure.


  • Pelican™ MPB20 Backpack- Water-resistant shell with a nylon coated EVA impact zone on the base. Compression molded EVA shoulder straps with vertical access pocket, laptop sleeve and 20-liter capacity. The MPB20 Backpack will protect your gear during work or play.
  • Pelican™ MPB25 Backpack- Water-resistant nylon shell with ballistic nylon coated compression molded EVA impact zones. Includes dedicated protective laptop and tablet pockets and a 25-liter capacity. Built to keep your gear organized and protected.
  • Pelican™ MPB35 Backpack- Water-resistant nylon shell with compartment organization pockets, laptop/ tablet storage and 35-liter capacity. The MPB35 is designed to handle all your gear transport and protection needs with more volume.
  • Pelican™ MPD40 Duffel- Built with a protective laptop pocket inside the lid, padded carrying handles and water-resistant outer shell, this 40-liter duffel bag is designed for transport and maximum carrying space.
  • Pelican™ 1075/ 1085/ 1095 HardBack™ Laptop Cases: All it takes is one bad drop and then your pricey tablet or laptop PC are ruined (along with potential to lose stored music, photos and files). Knowing this, HardBack™ series cases are built with all of the typical legendary Pelican™ features- waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof and an automatic pressure equalization valve that prevents vacuum lock making it easier to open at any altitude.


TSA-approved locks are also available to help get you through checkpoints fast. Our TSA-approved locks include the Master Lock® 4696D TSA, Pelican™ TSA Lock and Master Lock® TSA lock. Cases that require separate purchased locks are the Pelican™ 1535 Air Carry-On CasePelican™ 1510LOC Laptop CasePelican™ 1510 Carry-On CasePelican™ 1560LOC Laptop Case and the Pelican™ 1560 case.

Also, make sure to check our store for other items, including Pelican™ Travel series lid organizers and zippered compartments. Remember too that even though most of the cases mentioned have various “pre-selected” customization options, [TheCaseStore] offers foam and other interior inserts where you can match the shape of any item you have specifically for utmost protection and security for your valuables and possessions. Plus, if you're traveling with firearms, check out our Traveling with Firearms post for the best tips and tricks!

Please use our Shop to locate these Pelican™ products today and find the best luggage for your next adventure!