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Pelican 1700, 1720 & 1750 Old vs. New

Something new is on the horizon. Check out the difference between the new and old Pelican Rifle cases!

With the release of the new Pelican™ rifle cases, gun enthusiasts can experience an improved storage solution for their rifles, and shotguns. These cases feature a wider wheelbase for easier transport and a more comfortable handle to make carrying it around effortless. Not only that, but they also boast Molle pane compatibility for organization and two additional hasps for extra security. Let’s take a closer look at these new improvements.


Identifying Old vs. New Cases

Generation 1 – Produced prior to July 2022

Generation 2 – Produced after August 2022

         1700-Differences-1.png    1720-Differences-3.png 1750-Differences-1.png


Upgraded Handle

The upgraded handle on the new Pelican 1700, 1720, and 1750 rifle cases provide users with greater comfort while carrying their firearms on the go. The handles are over-molded with rubberized grips and have been tested to withstand extreme temperatures without compromising its grip strength or durability.


Organization Features

These new Pelican cases come equipped with mounting points in the lid designed to fit the 1500 Molle panel kit, giving you endless customizability with Molle pouches and mounts.


A Wider Wheelbase for Easy Transporting

The new Pelican 1700 case has been redesigned with a wider wheelbase to ensure easy maneuverability across multiple terrains. This redesign allows users to move their rifles from one place to another quickly and efficiently—without having to worry about the case tipping when pulling it behind them.


2 Additional Lock Hasps for Improved Security 

The new Pelican 1700 case comes with two additional lock hasps that provide added security for your firearms when they are not in use. These hasps are made of heavy-duty stainless steel, so they won’t break or rust over time—guaranteeing maximum protection against theft or tampering. Whether you’re transporting your equipment from one location to another, or simply storing them at home, these locks will give you peace of mind knowing that your firearms are securely stored away from prying eyes and hands. Compatible locks:

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